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Digital Marketing for Roofing

Everything Matters!

Dharma & Roofers

Taking the right steps

We would like to welcome you to Dharma Digital. We are proud to put a huge focus on assisting roofing companies acquire and help more clients.  If you are not showing up online when potential customers are looking for a roofing company, you are losing out, and your competitors are getting the business, guaranteed!  Some Roofers are making a fortune through their online presence.  

Why do we focus on helping Roofers?

We focus on helping Roofers have success because it makes sense for all parties involved.  As a boutique agency we have two important criteria to accept a new client:

1. We have to know that the work we do will result in an obvious return on investment for our clients.

2. We will only work on campaigns that are meaningful and create compound results.  We will not provide services that will be unfulfilling in reaching our clients goals.

Return On Investment


Revenue from just one new client can pay for an entire year of digital marketing for a roofing company.  Having said that, we do not want to get you just one client per year.  With our consistent and proven strategies, our goal is to keep you consistently busy with a funnel of new clients that does not end.  Your online presence works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Meaningful Compound Marketing

All Things Considered

Compound Marketing.jpg

Having a meaningful digital marketing plan that compounds is not a single step.  It requires all aspects of your digital reputation to be well cared for.  This includes listings accuracy, Google Business Profile optimization and updates, local and organic SEO, social media management and digital advertising.  This is done to show Google that you are the trusted expert when it comes to real estate in your city.  The work we do today will still be helping you two years from now.

The Process

We Make It Easy

We do a full review and analysis on the current state of your online presence and reputation.  We schedule a complimentary consultation in which we share our insights and provide you with an in-depth report.

When reviewing your current state we look to answer these 5 questions from a customers journey perspective:

1. Can they find you?

2. Do they trust you?

3. Do they like you?

4. Will they buy from you?

5. Will they advocate for you?

All of our services can be considered measurable marketing. We provide weekly proof-of-performance executive reports that outline the work that we have completed and the results that you have gained.

Customers Journey 3.jpg

We then provide you with a clear roadmap that addresses all five questions associated with your potential customers buying decision.  Our roadmap to success is completely customized based on your current state and what it will take to get you to your desired state.

It's Time to Win

If you are ready to secure new customers from an enhanced online presence click below to book your complimentary consultation.  You will be glad you did! 

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