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Top 3 Best Strategies for a Successful Google Ads Campaign in 2022

Have you tried to run a Google Ad but found it to be unsuccessful? What happens when you get zero sales when you’ve dedicated hours and spent the majority of your marketing budget on an unsuccessful ad campaign? While it may seem difficult to drive sales with Google Ads, selecting keywords that will show your ad to the right person is the foundation of google search marketing and converting sales to your business. If you are struggling to convert sales with Google Ads, here are the top 3 strategies as stated by google to run a successful ad campaign in 2022:

1. Align Your Keyword Strategy With Your Bidding

It’s important for you to build a keyword strategy that reflects your bidding goals, so that you will generate the most reach and conversions within your goals.

For example, let’s say you’re a house cleaner and you want to get booked by more customers.

Your business goal: is to get more client bookings.

Your bidding goals: Conversions

You will need to classify your campaigns by your bidding goals. Broad match will provide you with the most reach and conversions for your marketing goals if you are able to precisely measure your conversions with a Smart Bidding strategy. If your bidding goals are aligned with Target Impression Share, you should use phrase match or exact match.

2. Combine Smart Bidding with Broad Match

Make the most of your ad by using broad match to reach your desired users search query, even if their search doesn’t contain the exact keywords of your ad. In 2022 you are competing with many other businesses to reach the same consumers.

While it’s important to choose the right keywords for your ad, it is nearly impossible to reach your ad to every new user with just keywords. By using broad match, your ad will be seen by users whose query matches your broad keyword. To maximize your marketing goals to ensure that your ad is contending in the right auctions, the right bids, all for the right user, you’ll want to use Smart Bidding. Combining broad match with Smart Bidding will create a higher conversion for your return on ad spend or cost per action.

Search automation is intended to shorten the amount of time you are spending managing your ads, giving you more time back into managing other aspects of your business. In recent years there has been significant development in automation making it easier to use Broad Match as your main match type for your google campaigns.

3. Keyword Theming

Don’t waste your time with an outdated keyword list! It is crucial to group your keywords by themes to make it easier for Google to match your ad with user searches.

For example, your keyword theme would be “cleaner” and would be shown to consumers searching for “local cleaners,” “hire a cleaner near me,” and “cleaning company.”

Keyword theming isn’t only for increasing your ad reach, it will save you time by not manually entering each individual keyword. When deciding on your keyword themes, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your ideal customer searching for in your niche?

  • What is your advertising strategy? Are you focusing on a specific service or general brand awareness?

While keyword theming saves you time and increases your reach, be sure to keep a maximum for 7-10 keyword themes–too many could decrease your chance to show up in relevant searches. Instead, consider running separate campaigns for various keyword themes.

In Conclusion:

It can be difficult to run a successful google ad that stands out to your ideal customer, however by following these 3 strategies can help you in converting customers and increasing your sales. If you’re struggling to run a successful ad on google, let’s have a chat! We assist businesses of all sizes to achieve their online goals with every marketing dollar spent thoughtfully.

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