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Thanks for checking us out.  I want to start by letting you know we care about our customers success.  In fact that is exactly why I started Dharma Digital. I chose to work in Digital Marketing for one major reason... It works!  As a business owner or representative I'm sure you get the same satisfaction with happy customers.  Our success at Dharma Digital is intrinsically linked to the success of our customers and we know it.  I'm glad you are here because I'd like to book a meeting with you.  I'll prepare a report and analysis on your companies current online rankings and we can discuss the best possible options for you moving forward.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

- Sean Deegan   (Founder & CEO) 

Discover The Dharma Difference

The reason to choose Dharma Digital Solutions is not just because we care about our customers success. We have a huge competitive advantage over any other marketing agency. We have been able to achieve this advantage through synergistic partnerships and relationships that our customers benefit from. For example we are connected with a network of over 50 000 other sites for off-page SEO/ backlinking. This enables us to get the quick results. Our teams of on-page specialists and marketing guru's are second to none in the industry and bring knowledge that can only be gained by years of experience.  Another distinction that we are proud of is having automations and systems that keep our customers up to date on where there marketing dollars are going and the results of the work we do.

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Case Studies

Landscaping Services

Google Business Profile search views increased 159.57% in 3 months


Website total sessions increased by 96.34% in 3 months


10 keywords ranking client on the first page of Google in 4 months

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Furuistic landscaping.png

Real Estate Company

Google Business Profile map views increased by 92.76% in 3 months


Website total sessions increased by 49.24% in 3 months


600% increase on Page 1 targeted keyword rankings

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